Qigong for Yogis Workshop

Wednesday, December 12 • 6:30–8:00 p.m.
Integral Yoga Institute

Qigong offers deep insights into the daily “medicine” of Nature and the universe. Nadiya has developed a special fusion of Yoga and Qigong to build the body with the extraordinary benefits of pranayama and meditation. Recent studies of Qigong and Tai Chi at both Harvard Medical School and Beijing University have shown the work to be powerful support for the body, balance, and mind. In this class you will receive a new understanding of building strength in standing poses, mudras for meditation insight and a boost to immunity.


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ONGOING: Yoga & Qigong at Integral Yoga

Weekly Class at The Integral Yoga Institute

Thursdays at 5:15 PM – $18
227 West 13th Street, New York City

This class deepens our ability to sit in meditation by using mudras, chants and the combined focus of the Chakras and central channel, common to both Yoga & Qigong. We practice a full Qigong Form, followed by Deep Relaxation and closing meditation and chants.

Contact Nadiya or register online during the same week as the class at www.iyiny.org.*

*(On the IYI home page go to Classes, Class Schedules and find Thursday “Yoga and Qigong.”

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2018: Shamanic Womb Healing: Ceremony, Song, and Water Prayer

With Nadiya Nottingham, RYT, and Jeanny Tsai
Tuesday, November 13 • 6:30–9:30 p.m.

By praying and singing to water we heal our source and our selves, thus becoming community healers. In a circle of like-minded beings we shine the sunlight of our own prana on life scars to reveal a new story. Through meditation, a forgiveness ritual circle, singing led by Jenny’s magical voice, chanting, and a shamanic journey led by Nadiya, we’ll take steps toward a new beginning, a fresh perspective on the woman within. Questions? E-mail Nadiya at Nadiya108@mac.com.


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2017 Events

Creating Intention for Transformation with Janice Zwail at Integral Yoga Institute, NYC

Shamanic Womb Healing at Integral Yoga Institute, NYC

Four Seasonal Workshops

Qigong and Yoga at Integral Yoga Institute, NYC

Qigong Workshop at Crystal Essence, Great Barrington MA

Power Animal Spirit Journeying at The Yoga House Co. Waterford, Ireland

Hand Chakra Workshop at Kula Yoga & Wellness Madison, Wisconsin

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pastNelia Vishnevsky
2015 Events

Rubin Museum with Itzhak Beery reading and Shamanic Journey from  the author’s book.

Qigong and Yoga workshops at Integral Yoga Institute NYC

The Sacred Directions Inner Balance Yoga Studio Patterson NY

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pastNelia Vishnevsky
2012 Events

Shamanic Journeying and Pipe Ceremony with Janice Zwail in Co. Waterford, Ireland

Shamanic Womb Healing at Integral Yoga

Yoga For Strong Bones at Integral Yoga

Strong Abs Strong Bones at Integral Yoga

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pastNelia Vishnevsky
2002–2009 Events

Yoga for Strong Bones at The Breathing Project

Nadiya was one of the original teachers at the Internationally renowned center known as the The Breathing Project where she taught Yoga For Strong Bones for several years while studying with founder, Leslie Kaminoff. 


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pastNelia Vishnevsky