Animal Spirit Medicine

Dear Beloveds,

Welcome to my blog on Animal Spirit Medicine.

This series is based on “The Wild Unknown” by Kim Krans.*

Today Nightingale showed up with the medicine of song. As Kim says in her guidebook, this tiny rather ‘plain’ bird has the most glorious song. Nightingale is a wonderful Spirit Animal for all of us in this time of screeching voices, of attempts to ‘drown’ each other out. This voice comes from a place of deep freedom of the soul and heart.

In Qigong, the Nightingale might represent the Kidney Qi – in other words, sing away your fears, remember the song of your soul's origins, speak your truth with a good, kind heart. Fear not the nay sayers, be bold, be courageous. Play, sing, and let your laughter be an elixir non pareil.  


*with written permission of Kim Krans the creator of The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card

Nadiya Nottingham