The Elephant

The Elephant, surely one of the world’s most beloved animals, great strength, powerful communities, protectors of their offspring. Perhaps misunderstood by us.
Recent observations by scientists shows that male Elephants are being born without tusks, a quantum leap of evolution if ever we’ve seen one.
This week for our blog I pulled the Elephant card from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck and I was reminded by Kim, the designer of the deck, of the power of self knowledge and trust which this totem of gentle strength bestows upon us.
In yoga, Ganesha the Elephant-headed god is the remover of obstacles. As we witness in Africa today, right now, Elephant is removing his own tusks, a symbol of his ancestors, perhaps in order to continue on. Let us trust in the ability to change, to shape shift, to make quantum leaps in one generation.
Gratitude to Elephant, I bow to your inner wisdom. Jai Ganesha!
Love Nadiya
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

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Nadiya Nottingham
Animal Spirit Medicine

Dear Beloveds,

Welcome to my blog on Animal Spirit Medicine.

This series is based on “The Wild Unknown” by Kim Krans.*

Today Nightingale showed up with the medicine of song. As Kim says in her guidebook, this tiny rather ‘plain’ bird has the most glorious song. Nightingale is a wonderful Spirit Animal for all of us in this time of screeching voices, of attempts to ‘drown’ each other out. This voice comes from a place of deep freedom of the soul and heart.

In Qigong, the Nightingale might represent the Kidney Qi – in other words, sing away your fears, remember the song of your soul's origins, speak your truth with a good, kind heart. Fear not the nay sayers, be bold, be courageous. Play, sing, and let your laughter be an elixir non pareil.  


*with written permission of Kim Krans the creator of The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card

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Nadiya Nottingham